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Baker | Moran Obtains Dismissal of Trespass and Nuisance Lawsuit

Baker | Moran attorneys Scott Moran and Jordan Miller recently obtained a favorable ruling in district court and were able to have an entire lawsuit dismissed.  The Plaintiff filed suit against a Baker | Moran gas pipeline client claiming that the client's operations on Plaintiff's property constituted a trespass and nuisance.  The facts of the case were complex and the parties conducted multiple rounds of discovery and took depositions of multiple fact witnesses.  After diligently defending our firm's client and assembling all the facts gathered throughout the discovery process, Scott Moran and Jordan Miller filed a Motion for Summary Judgment asking the court to dismiss the lawsuit.  The court read the motion and listened to oral arguments for and against the motion from Jordan Miller and the Plaintiff's attorney.  After considering the motion and hearing the attorneys' arguments, the court agreed with the arguments and conclusions put forth by Scott Moran and Jordan Miller and granted the motion in its entirety.  The Plaintiff's lowest settlement demand was $1,000,000.  Because the court dismissed the lawsuit in its entirety, the Plaintiff was not awarded any damages for his claims.

John Baker