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Baker | Moran obtains $5 Million Dollar Settlement from TxDOT

Baker | Moran Attorneys John Baker and Scott Doggett usually represent pipeline companies, electric power line companies, and various other entities with the power of eminent domain. Recently, however, they were asked to represent a school district that owned property being sought by TxDOT for a highway expansion project with new toll lanes connecting Dallas and Fort Worth. TxDOT used its power of eminent domain to take the school district’s property. Although the taking consisted of only 1.4 acres out of a 14.6 acre tract of land, the taking included two buildings that were integral to the essential function of the property. TxDOT offered the school district $1.6 Million for the taking, but John Baker and Scott Doggett worked hard to obtain fair and just compensation for the school district and were able to negotiate a settlement of $5 Million dollars.

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